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Hello, I’m Nancy!

I’m back to my much neglected blog after a problematic pregnancy and painful recovery from a c-section after welcoming our absolutely beautiful daughter, Nancy, into the world on Christmas Eve. More on the trials and tribulations of dealing with a toddler and a newborn soon but in the meantime here is a little review of a gig I went to at the weekend.

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I’m 32. Far too old to be a fangirl. Far, far too old. I’ve spent many years obsessing over bands and spending all my spare cash on buying music, going to gigs and ransacking merchandise tables. You’d think I would have grown out of it by now…but I haven’t.


The National at Electric Picnic 2010.
Taken by me in the front row.

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Bugg in Belfast

February 11, 2013

Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with slogans such as Backin’ Belfast and Take Back the City in order to persuade the people of Belfast to get ‘back’ into the city centre. The aim is to encourage spending money in bars and restaurants as opposed to staying in, hiding away from the flag nonsense which has had a very detrimental effect on the city. This weekend had proved to me something is working, whether it is the Council backed campaigns or maybe just the fact that everyone is just more solvent now January has passed.

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I first came across The Jim Jones Revue in 2009, when they played at the Open House Festival with Andrew Weatherall supporting. I hadn’t heard them but reading about them was enough to make me want to go and see them so I bought tickets and was so glad that I did. That night introduced me to one of the best frontmen I have ever seen, and to some great music which is regularly played (quite loudly) in our house.
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We’ve been stalking..I mean, following Irish comedian David O’Doherty since seeing him support one of our favourite artists David Kitt many years ago in the Empire Music Hall. His very particular brand of VLEMW (very low energy musical whimsy) caught our attention right away and we were hooked.  We’ve seem him in many different venues (The Black Box, Ulster Hall, Empire) but last night we ventured into the autumn night to see him perform in a giant tent outside Queen’s as part of the 50th Belfast Festival.

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A night at The MAC

September 11, 2012

Last Thursday we went on a double date with some friends. We had booked and paid for The Canteen at The MAC’s pre-show deal the day before and were looking forward to some good grub and lovely music. When we arrived we were told that the show deal wasn’t on so we could just pick from the normal menu and they would throw in a free bottle of wine by way of apology. That was very much welcome by the husbands of the group but me (the designated driver) and my pregnant pal were a little disappointed. The food made up for it though. I had seafood chowder to start and mackeral salad for main. I’m a big fan of fish and both dishes were delicious. Shortly after eating though, I took an allergic reaction and had to run home straight after the gig for piriton and co-codamal. Pesky pescetarianism.

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This post on the topic Sunday has been written for the One Topic / Forty Opinions project run by Belfast Bloggers Unite.

Sundays as a kid for me always meant days out with my lovely family. We went all round NI, with picnics and maps of walks and alway had a great time, whatever the weather. As I got older (and older) Sundays began to have a different, much less energetic, feel to them. They usually included a massive hangover and watching films with Mr.G-S under a blanket, eating junk food. Or when I was studying part-time with Open University, Sundays meant cursing the computer and trying to wing together 2000 words for an assignment due in on the Monday.

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My friend Stephen came back from the Electric Picnic festival in 2009 and raved about how seeing Chic play was one of the best gigs he had ever seen in his life. He has seen a lot of gigs in his time and is someone whose taste in music I trust implicitly. He was banging on about Chic and Nile Rodgers, and to my shame I had to wikipedia the names. My reasonably comprehensive knowledge of popular music is pretty much pre-1974 and post-1991 (save for a few exceptions such as Madonna and INXS!), skipping out the disco era completely. Which is how I had never really paid much attention to Chic and Mr Rodgers himself, but the more I read about the band and the man himself, along with his late musical partner Bernard Edwards, the more I was completely in awe of the talent and incredible legacy surrounding them.

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