Good free family fun.

April 28, 2013

Everyone is feeling a bit lighter in the purse these days and so it was great to discover lots of free things happening this weekend which we thought R would enjoy.

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Bugg in Belfast

February 11, 2013

Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with slogans such as Backin’ Belfast and Take Back the City in order to persuade the people of Belfast to get ‘back’ into the city centre. The aim is to encourage spending money in bars and restaurants as opposed to staying in, hiding away from the flag nonsense which has had a very detrimental effect on the city. This weekend had proved to me something is working, whether it is the Council backed campaigns or maybe just the fact that everyone is just more solvent now January has passed.

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A few days in Rathmullan

September 20, 2012

Our wee house

My family and I have been coming up to the Ramelton/Rathmullan area of Donegal for the last 15 years, and 12 years ago my parents bought a little holiday house in the Sycamores development, just beside the famed Rathmullan House. A mere 2.5 hours drive from Belfast, the whole area is like a different world and is the perfect spot to relax and take it easy.

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This post on the topic Sunday has been written for the One Topic / Forty Opinions project run by Belfast Bloggers Unite.

Sundays as a kid for me always meant days out with my lovely family. We went all round NI, with picnics and maps of walks and alway had a great time, whatever the weather. As I got older (and older) Sundays began to have a different, much less energetic, feel to them. They usually included a massive hangover and watching films with Mr.G-S under a blanket, eating junk food. Or when I was studying part-time with Open University, Sundays meant cursing the computer and trying to wing together 2000 words for an assignment due in on the Monday.

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