I’ve had a post brewing for a while but haven’t had the time to actually think about what I feel I need to say and how I want to say it. That doesn’t make sense, I know, but nothing much does when you’re sleep deprived and knee deep in plastic toys and furry friends.

I want to honestly talk about becoming a mum and how it has changed my life in such extraordinary ways that sometimes I can’t actually believe I am that lucky. That’s not saying that it is easy, but for every tough moment there are a million moments of joy and happiness.

I started really connecting with ‘it/him/the nutritional parasite’ after my 20 week scan in February 2011 and started imagining what life would be like with a baby in it. No amount of imagining can prepare you for it, that’s for sure. I was quite relaxed during my pregnancy (once the initial shock, and dismay I couldn’t attend Electric Picnic for a few years, had worn off…after about 5 months) and was open minded about the birth. I had a relatively easy birth – aided by water, gas and air and a very carefully selected playlist which included Primal Scream, The National, The Black Keys and The Low Anthem (whose song Charlie Darwin ended up being the first song R ever heard in his life). No relaxing whale sounds for me.

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