A few days in Rathmullan

September 20, 2012

Our wee house

My family and I have been coming up to the Ramelton/Rathmullan area of Donegal for the last 15 years, and 12 years ago my parents bought a little holiday house in the Sycamores development, just beside the famed Rathmullan House. A mere 2.5 hours drive from Belfast, the whole area is like a different world and is the perfect spot to relax and take it easy.

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A night at The MAC

September 11, 2012

Last Thursday we went on a double date with some friends. We had booked and paid for The Canteen at The MAC’s pre-show deal the day before and were looking forward to some good grub and lovely music. When we arrived we were told that the show deal wasn’t on so we could just pick from the normal menu and they would throw in a free bottle of wine by way of apology. That was very much welcome by the husbands of the group but me (the designated driver) and my pregnant pal were a little disappointed. The food made up for it though. I had seafood chowder to start and mackeral salad for main. I’m a big fan of fish and both dishes were delicious. Shortly after eating though, I took an allergic reaction and had to run home straight after the gig for piriton and co-codamal. Pesky pescetarianism.

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Only in Belfast

September 1, 2012

This post on the topic Only in Belfast has been written for the One Topic / Forty Opinions project run by Belfast Bloggers Unite.

Apart from a brief couple of months when I bounced into the world in a hospital in Cork and stayed there for a few months, I’ve pretty much lived around the same 2.5 mile stretch of road in Belfast for the last 31 years.  No, I didn’t go to university in England, I never went travelling round South East Asia, I haven’t worked in an Irish bar in America and I’ve done no throwing of shrimps on barbies on beaches in Australia. And I’m pretty OK with all of that.

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